DETOURS: Significant personal growth can be achieved when we keep our minds open to the lessons learned when things do not go as planned. A shut door, a closed road, a plan that did not work out, all can redirect you to new adventures and opportunities. 'Detours' were once unfinished paintings on a shelf awaiting additional inspiration, which took on new life and direction.

CONNECTIONS. The 'Connections' part of the series demonstrates how each individual can leave a mark and contribute to something greater. As with the individual lines and shapes in these paintings, they are only one person. However, as additional individual elements are added, these lines and shapes touch and combine to become part of the larger work. In a similar way, we as individuals stand alone, but by coming together, we strengthen and enrich our communities.

Many unique and interesting people call the Miami Valley home with bridges and roads connecting neighborhoods and suburbs; yet we have connections and experiences that bridge our different lifestyles and neighborhoods in various ways. We come together through our colorful cultural festivals and events; delicious dining options; magnificent metroparks, and our amazing arts scene, all of which contribute to the cultural richness of the valley, just as an artist would compose a painting.

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