DETOURS. A shut door, a closed road, a plan that did not work out, all can redirect you to new adventures and experiences. Unfinished paintings that were once shelved awaiting new inspiration, took on new life.  Mikee's interest in topographic views of rural countrysides, and aerial perspectives of big cities, combine with her love of mid-century modern color in the 'Detour' series.  

Viewers can follow the twists and turns connecting the color fields and grids which lead the viewer along an engaging journey. Where do you want to go?

CONNECTIONS. Many unique and interesting people call the Miami Valley home with bridges and roads connecting neighborhoods and suburbs; yet we have connections and experiences that bridge our different lifestyles and neighborhoods in various ways. We come together through our colorful cultural festivals and events; delicious dining options; fun metroparks, and our amazing arts scene, all of which contribute to the cultural richness of the Miami Valley.


Inspired by Mikee's 'Detour' series of paintings with lines directing the viewer down new paths to explore what is around each bend of a line, 'Connections' represents how each individual in the Miami Valley comes together to learn about each other, the neighborhoods, and the various cultures. Our connections help strengthen Dayton and the Miami Valley. What will your mark be?

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